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Kids for Kids

Challenge your kids with a mission this summer.

Africa New Life’s Kids for Kids initiative aims to provide meals and Bibles to students in Rwanda through the efforts of your kids during your VBS program, camp, or children’s ministry. Research shows that more than 36% of children in Rwanda face malnutrition, while many more do not have access to consistent nutrition. More than half do not own a Bible. Both are essential! Your kids can give the gift of food by raising money for school lunches, or the gift of access to and study of the Word of God by providing a Bible in students’ own language. It’s kids helping kids!


What to expect when you register:

  • A one-minute video for each day of your VBS program or children’s ministry introducing your kids to children in Rwanda whom they will be helping
  • Take-home envelopes for kids’ fundraising
  • Posters to promote your missions fundraiser (optional)
  • Tips for parents and leaders to make this a meaningful discipleship opportunity
  • Creative ideas to make the experience memorable and fun

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