Partnership for Transformation

Sponsorship events

As children throughout Rwanda eagerly await sponsorship, we are committed to finding unique opportunities for churches to get involved regardless of current COVID-19 restrictions in a given geographical area. Please take a look through the various options below and fill out the form at the bottom. Our team will respond quickly with abundant resources to make your event a success both in Rwanda and in your church. For each option, we’ll designate students specifically for your church who have the most urgent need for sponsorship.

*You may consider advocating for a smaller group of children who have been waiting the longest from a specific community.


In a season when Sunday morning meetings are significantly limited, help your congregation impact the most lives through a sustained two-week sponsorship drive. Remove the pressure of a one-day event and give your congregation time to consider and investigate the power of sponsorship before committing. Share fun emails and social media posts before and after Sunday mornings two weeks in a row (and even during the week!) to engage your people. Finish by celebrating the numbers of students whose lives will be transformed through sponsorship.


Host a one-day sponsorship event as part of your online Sunday service. We’ll set up a special webpage for your church with profiles in need of sponsorship. Our team will be ready to help in any way we can, whether with live tech support, graphics and content for your service, interviews with a sponsorship student or Rwandan staff (live or pre-recorded), or encouragement in the comments section of your online service.


Advocate personally for a small handful of students to get sponsored. Use your own social media platforms as model and inspiration for your congregation and invite others to advocate as well. Have fun celebrating each life that has been changed.


If your church is fully functioning with in-person services, you may consider hosting a regular “Dream Sunday” event with paper student profiles and a pitch from the platform to inspire congregation members to sponsor a student as a tangible act of worship. We’ll still set up a special webpage for you to share via your online services and social media following the event.

Ready to learn more or set up your sponsorship event? Fill out the form below to let us know of your interest!