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Diana was sponsored through Africa New Life several years ago. In 2010, Diana tested as one of the two top female primary school students in Rwanda’s national examinations. “I thank my sponsor for sponsoring me because she helps me in many things – she pays my school fees,” Diana says. “Receiving school fees, supplies and food really helps me, and really helps my family. God bless her.”

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Jean is 22 years old. He started living on the street in 2003. He would collect scrap metal from the dump, and lived with his mother in a small house he likens to an outhouse. “It is not easy to live on the streets, because you don’t know if you’re going to finish that day, or what you’re going to eat,” Jean remembers. His daily struggles included alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use. When Jean first discovered Africa New Life, they gave him food but also offered advice and teaching. “It changed my life,” he says. Today Jean is drug-free and has accepted Christ as his personal savior.

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John was born in Uganda in 1984. After the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, John’s family resettled in Rwanda. His family couldn’t afford school, so John dropped out at age 14 and started working as a houseboy. He describes this move as “a sign that I had lost hope.” In February 2000, John came to Christ when Charles Buregeya, founder of Africa New Life, visited his community. John told Charles he wanted to be sponsored so he could return to school, and he became one of the first ten children sponsored through Africa New Life.

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Since August 2010, 250 children living on the street have been placed in vocational training center or returned to school through our Street Children Ministry. Our Light the Streets video, screened at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, tells the story of Athanase, a former street child. He explains what life was like and how his life was changed through Africa New Life.

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